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Retiring the Forum

Retiring the Forum
Since 2003 we have had a very active forum. It has served us well, and we used it for MANY things. Planning events, sharing photos, and other various modes of online conversation.

By June 30th, we will retire the forums for new membership and will make them public for research purposes.
Facebook implemented groups a couple years ago and they have since replaced forum life as we know it.

We will be making the forums an archive and as such will be retiring the forums for new membership.

We encourage you to like the facebook page and join our VERY active COS Group.

The blog will also become the main page and probably updated a littel more regularly by myself.

As with all things we must grow to keep up with technology.

Thank you for being part of our lives and joining us in this next chapter of technology!

COS Database issues

Yes the forums are down. We dont know what happened, they just stopped connecting to the database and we havent had a lot of time to work on them.

I hope to have it back up and running this weekend.

Temporary Closing of the Forums

Making some updates, we’ll be back shortly!

Dreamhost is making Mr & Mrs COS stabby.

Dreamhost did what we feared would happen, while they were in the middle of this big hardware replacement, we tried fixing it ourselves to get things back up and running quickly, but alas now that things are finally finished on thier end, they restored to a broken area again.

We’ll get things up and going again shortly, Should be up sometime this evening. (Sunday night)

Sorry again for all of this.

Please accept this stegosaurus as a gift.