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Subaru “BRZ RA” see in the picture

 And FR sports car, Subaru has attracted the attention of many days that it ‘s also a model of joint development with Toyota Motor Corporation “BRZ” of (FHI). Presentation of the concept model, although the information will be exposed on a piecemeal basis and the exhibition of models in development review, and at the Auto Salon motor show, fans should not fret did not come quite to the release is not negligible.

 However, the decision on March 28 release date finally. As to deliver, etc. and reviews BRZ “” “see in the picture” for such mechanisms.Be familiar with, I care and will price, grade and equipment.

 Grade will be provided in all three types. Optimal “RA” in the base model of the dress-up competitions and: become a middle model plus the comfort (MT-speed six yen 2,058,000), the RA “R” MT speed (6: £ 2,478,000, AT 6-speed: £ 2,546,250 ), Model “S” superlative was also equipped with enhanced driving comfort in addition to speed MT (6: £ 2,793,000, AT 6-speed: £ 2,871,750). Key part of the engine and body, power train to become common, will be equipped with the difference that only the contents.

 In this article, we introduce the grade “RA” cheaper version. For “S” grade “R” and is scheduled to deliver separately.


“Chin” iron wheel or was (steel wheel), but a black door mirrors and door handles that is or was (substrate), there is no cheapness often located in the grade to a surprisingly basic. I feel this is a “has enough” in this

 Equipped with a colored bumpers, while the cheapest grade, is it price of yen and 2,058,000, RA this grade. Transmission 6MT only will be set.

 And the price difference (MT 6-speed) is to be positioned as a middle grade 420,000 R yen. The difference is that the dark-colored glass air conditioning, aluminum wheels, electric retractable colored door mirror, large muffler cutter and provided with UV, speakers (2), Walk-in sliding passenger seat, out the side door handle (→ colored black), inner door (2 → 1), trim / room lamp / mat Sun visor vanity mirror, trunk, floor silencer, a red handle intake manifold cover stitch (→ Black plating), door trim, front seat removable cup holder, DC12V power socket which is not installed.

 ”It does not tell the air conditioning is not painful -” I might think, okay so that option is set. Since it is almost non-decorative parts, but the looks of it, even if at a later time.

 However, if you take into account the presence or absence of set up options, including the Torusen LSD, 16 inches front brakes, and rear ventilated disc brakes, standard equipment and options, with R in S becomes unconfigured. Might be areas of concern when it comes to focus on running.

 Another part will also be added body color limit. BRZ is to have all seven colors are available, but only three colors to choose in the RA “Satin White Pearl” “Crystal Black-silica” “WR Blue Mica”. But also sort of sad that a popular color because the user has been maintained, it should not be so to the disadvantages.

 Grade based on multi-part does not seem to reverse some people. Per remote control door lock and HID headlamps, ABS with EBD, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), and dual and side and curtain airbags as standard equipment. Even an electric adjustable door mirrors he although not what electric store. In the world is, “AE86″ that had been put on the market but are fresh musical accompaniment and high, high (compared to the Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno fifth generation), the model of the time is equipped with such because he ‘s not, just never ever ” I find that is not high “.

 But even so, there is no change close to 2,800,000 yen and 3,000,000 yen also be familiar with the S model and superlative, that it is still expensive. It shows that there is attention there is, he that this RA. Adding air conditioning might be required and applications must be pure competition, because the basic equipment has been enhanced as described above, is sufficient after the tires & wheels of their favorite design or brand say so. Navigation and audio from the speakers just stick in the higher grades, such costs in either case. It is a translation that if I pull the wiring re-select the speakers you like, the cost does not change at all.

 The car weighs more (1,230 kg) is lighter and a little bit of R 1,190 kg (1,210 kg), S the way. But it can happen that there will be no longer change with the air conditioning and would, be glad if you say focus on the running point. Figures have been better (12.4km / L) S and (13.0km / L) R and 13.4km / L in JC08 mode fuel economy of course.

 Personally, I wanted it but also aims to lower prices further and keyless omitted HID, such as side air bags, to ensure the safety part is that to achieve low cost by reducing the variation of course from a certain place would be, can not say unconditionally. Still, no doubt that it is a sense of this high grade RA AIM installed. I would not be suggesting it may be said to be low-volume production per unit to BRZ certainly in comparison with the Impreza and Legacy, are provided this grade, the degree of seriousness manufacturer.

HID headlights with auto-Reberaiza standard! Deluxe Edition comes with it until the LED position lamps.However, the fog lamp is without any option settings.This is the same grade even the most R Lower part of the shape rear bumper diffuser. Same color but body type perfectly
No painting or that the black door handles. OK if you do not mind because I stand out a little white body color, in part because performance is irrelevant Also unpainted door mirror.Electric adjustment but that is not retractable electric.Should I use it if you want to fold their hands
Specification does not cover the intake manifold is mounted to the other grade, Subaru and Toyota’s brand double. That size when you put the hand down to the engine anyway, so take off, be good if there is no better care of here!? Or for weight reduction, because I do not know how well the battery cost down Wheel, but “iron chin” rare now, equipped with a center cap for some reason. Tires 205/55 R16 Yokohama “dB E70” many adoption cases for mounting as a new car.Tires together with R grade Tail type dual muffler looks simple. The difference is it’s only the presence or absence of the muffler cutter, I’ll, surely they replace?
Impression of calm around the instrument panel is coordinated by the color of dark system. Are provided from 2DIN space wide, sufficient to require If you install the car navigation systems like the The instrument panel is common all grades.Information was also provided as standard meter and outside temperature display of instant fuel economy is possible Although not a leather-wrapped steering wheel, also on a sense of easy to grip so that operation is subjected to punching people in the grip
MT 6-speed transmission only. Knobs & Boots but is not a leather-wrapped, it’s part can be replaced easily, I VSC to stabilize the behavior of the vehicle traction and brake control (. In Vehicle stability control Subaru VDC: Vehicle Dynamics Control) that he is also standard And air conditioning has become optional, and defaults to the heater only.Mounted air conditioning when going for AC switch in the center of the dial temperature
Ignition key is twisting the general type. However, with gorgeous subtle illumination and The far right of the steering column adjustment dial illumination meter. Next to that of the trunk opener solenoid locking. Here also feel munificent (Clutch) pedal is a standard shape (brake) C (accelerator) B A
Seat upholstery is in very good touch tricot short haired. Seated sense of sporty can be obtained because it is also in excellent shape hold Pawauindo comes packed with luxury, power door locks, remote control and adjustable door mirrors On the other hand, the door handle or grip portion is plain with no decoration eye
Even in simple plastic side sill guard Rear seat is also very simple. Most, but this is sufficient leg space, such as minimum and a flat seat back, and positioned so for only a very It is little surprise when luggage. Standard in this state rather than the lining was removed for the shooting. Lighter. There may be good, that there may be a need to provide a kind of gain if the luggage board
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. news release (PDF) Http://Www.Fhi.Co.Jp/contents/pdf_78221.Pdf product information (BRZ) Http://Www.Subaru .jp / brz / product information (BRZ RA) Http://Www.Subaru.Jp/brz/brz/grade/ra/
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